Stratux Canada Ground Tower Project

Last updated: March 14th, 2019.

This page will contain information on the latest developments in the Canada ground tower project. Pre-made images to build a transmitter station and receiver are available on the group. Tests are still being conducted. Please join the Google Groups discussion to follow continuing developments. Testing and development can be conducted with the information below: A ground station can be built using the following hardware. Important note: a 1W dongle is currently (March 2019) to capable beta testers, see Google Group posts. Items 2-5 will not be necessary when using this dongle. The below represents the current hardware being tested:
  1. Raspberry Pi with Stratux software. Preferably a stock dual band Stratux with GPS and upgraded UAT radio (below).
  2. Stratux UATRadio, Low Power v3.
  3. 4.0W 915MHz RF Power Amplifier.
  4. A laptop power supply that can output 5-18V @ 1A.
  5. A linear regulator like this with its output set to 3.3V.
A receiver can be built using a standard Stratux with upgraded UAT radio (above).